Monday, June 9, 2014

Gizmo & Pigmon 元々は怪物


Gizmo (white) and Pigmon (brown) both lived a long life like 20 years. They both are in heaven now. As for the origin of their name, Gizmo is from the cute creature from the movie ''Glemlins''. And Pigmon is from the creature from Japanese TV series ''Ultra Seven'' I hope they were happy with the name LOL



  1. Twenty years is a long time for a cat to live! I bet they were very happy and well-cared for. :)

  2. Ultra Seven! that was a long time ago. the first ultraman i knew is Taro, but my favourite one is Tiga.. hehe :)
    both gizmo and pigmon didn't look like they're 20 y.o in this photo.